Wednesday, December 23, 2020

New Volume: European Investment Law and Arbitration Review

The latest volume of the European Investment Law and Arbitration Review (Vol. 5, 2020) is out. Contents include:
  • Sarah Z. Vasani & Nathalie Allen, No Green without More Green: The Importance of Protecting FDI through International Investment Law to Meet the Climate Change Challenge
  • Elizabeth Chan, The UK’s Post-Brexit Investment Policy: An Opportunity for New Design Choices
  • Alexander G. Leventhal & Akshay Shreedhar, The European Commission: Ami Fidèle or Faux Ami? Exploring the Commission’s Role as Amicus Curiae in ICSID Proceedings
  • Brady Gordon, A Sceptical Analysis of the Enforcement of ISDS Awards in the EU Following the Decision of the CJEU on CETA
  • David Sandberg & Jacob Rosell Svensson, Achmea and the Implications for Challenge Proceedings before National Courts
  • Samantha J. Rowe & Nelson Goh, Resolving Perceived Norm Conflict through Principles of Treaty Interpretation: The January 2019 EU Member States’ Declarations
  • Nikos Lavranos, The World after the Termination of Intra-EU BIT S
  • Crawford Jamieson, Assessing the CJEU’S Decisions in Achmea and Opinion 1/17 in Light of the proposed Multilateral Investment Court – Winner of the Essay Competition 2020
  • Robert Bradshaw, Legal Stability and Legitimate Expectations: Does International Investment Law Need a Sense of Proportion? – Joint 2nd Prize Winner of the Essay Competition 2020
  • Florence Humblet & Kabir Duggal, If You Are Not Part of the Solution, You Are the Problem: Article 37 of the EU Charter as a Defence for Climate Change and Environmental Measures in Investor-State Arbitrations – Joint 2nd Prize Winner Essay competition 2020
  • Cees Verburg, The Hague Court of Appeal Reinstates the Yukos Awards
  • Bianca McDonnell, Theodoros Adamakopoulos and Others v. Republic of Cyprus, ICSID Case No ARB/15/49, Decision on Jurisdiction, 7 February 2020
  • Alesia Tsiabus & Guillaume Croisant, Investment Arbitration and EU (Competition) Law – Lessons Learned from the Micula Saga
  • Laura Rees-Evans, The Protection of the Environment in International Investment Agreements – Recent Developments and Prospects for Reform
  • Crina Baltag, Investment Arbitration and Police Powers: Emerging Issues
  • Anna Bilanová, Environmental Counterclaims in Investment Arbitration
  • Gaurav Sharma, Environmental Claims by States in Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Nikos Lavranos, The (ab)use of Third-Party Submissions
  • Meg Kinnear, ADR in Investment Disputes: The Role of Complementary Mechanisms — Keynote to the 5th EFILA Annual Conference 2020
  • Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, The Proliferation of Courts and Tribunals: Navigating Multiple Proceedings – 5th EFILA Annual Lecture 2019