Friday, December 13, 2019

Symposium: One Hundred Years of Mandates

The latest issue of the American Historical Review (Vol. 124, no. 5, December 2019) contains of symposium on "One Hundred Years of Mandates." Contents include:
  • Alex Lichtenstein & Michelle Moyd, Introduction: The League of Nations Mandates and the Temporality of Deferral
  • Susan Pedersen, An International Regime in an Age of Empire
  • Sherene Seikaly, The Matter of Time
  • Carol Hakim, The French Mandate in Lebanon
  • Yiğit Akın, The Ottoman Empire: The Mandate That Never Was
  • Tze M. Loo, Islands for an Anxious Empire: Japan’s Pacific Island Mandate
  • Molly McCullers, Betwixt and Between Colony and Nation-State: Liminality, Decolonization, and the South West Africa Mandate
  • Meredith Terretta & Benjamin N. Lawrance, “Sons of the Soil”: Cause Lawyers, the Togo-Cameroun Mandates, and the Origins of Decolonization
  • George N. Njung, The British Cameroons Mandate Regime: The Roots of the Twenty-First-Century Political Crisis in Cameroon
  • Sean Andrew Wempe, A League to Preserve Empires: Understanding the Mandates System and Avenues for Further Scholarly Inquiry