Thursday, December 12, 2019

New Issue: Transnational Legal Theory

The latest issue of Transnational Legal Theory (Vol. 10, nos. 3-4, 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Symposium: International Institutional Bypasses
    • Mariana Mota Prado & Steven J. Hoffman, The promises and perils of international institutional bypasses: defining a new concept and its policy implications for global governance
    • Victor V. Ramraj, International institutional bypasses and transnational non-state regulation
    • Rohinton Medhora, Bypasses to the International Monetary Fund
    • Edefe Ojomo, Regional institutions as international bypasses in West Africa
    • Oonagh Fitzgerald, Addressing the human rights conduct of transnational corporations through international institutional bypasses
  • Article
    • Odile Ammann, How do and should domestic courts interpret international law? Insights from the jurisprudence of HLA Hart and Duncan Kennedy
  • Trajectories
    • Michiel Bot, The right to boycott: BDS, law, and politics in a global context
    • David Birchall, Human rights on the altar of the market: the Blackstone letters and the financialisation of housing