Saturday, September 21, 2019

New Issue: Netherlands International Law Review

The latest issue of the Netherlands International Law Review (Vol. 66, no. 2, July 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Global Constitutionalism
    • Cedric Ryngaert, Ramses Wessel, Denise Prévost, & Jan Wouters, Global Constitutionalism: Editorial Introduction
    • Craig Eggett, The Role of Principles and General Principles in the ‘Constitutional Processes’ of International Law
    • Emily Sipiorski, Conflicting Conceptions of Constitutionalism: Investment Protection from the European Union and International Perspectives
    • David Haljan, A Public Law View of the New Generation of FTAs
    • Astrid Kjeldgaard-Pedersen, Global Constitutionalism and the International Legal Personality of the Individual
  • Eki Yemisi Omorogbe, The Crisis of International Criminal Law in Africa: A Regional Regime in Response?
  • Arthur Eyffinger, Tobias Asser’s Legacy: The Pertinence of the Institut de droit international to The Hague