Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New Volume: German Yearbook of International Law

The latest volume of the German Yearbook of International Law (Vol. 61, 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Forum: The Trump Administration and International Law
    • Jack Goldsmith & Shannon Togawa Mercer, International Law and Institutions in the Trump Era
  • Focus: International Health Law
    • Nele Matz-Lück, Introduction
    • Pedro A. Villarreal, Public International Law and Human Health: Bridging Conceptual Gaps Through Governance
    • Anika Klafki, International Health Regulations and Transmissible Diseases
    • Valentin Aichele, ›Taking out the Magnifier‹: Groups in Vulnerable Situations Under Global Health Law
    • Silja Vöneky, International Standard Setting in Biomedicine – Foundations and New Challenges
    • Philippe Cullet & Hu Yuanquiong, Medical Patents and the Right to Health – From Monopoly Control to Open Access Innovation and Provision of Medicines
  • Walther Schücking Lecture
    • Christine Chinkin, Women, Peace, and Security: Tackling Violence Against Women in the Contemporary World?
  • General Articles
    • Riccardo Pisillo Mazzeschi, Coordination of Different Principles and Values in International Law
    • Annalisa Ciampi, The Divide Between Human Rights, International Trade, Investment and Development Law
    • Patrizia Vigni, State Responsibility for the Destruction of Cultural Property
    • Viljam Engström, Regulating the Baltic Sea – A Showcase of Normative Pluralism
    • Katayoun Hosseinnejad, Interpretation in Light of Which ›Object and Purpose‹?
    • Sophie Papadileris, Protection of Peacekeepers Resorting to Armed Force – A Current Dilemma
  • German Practice
    • Guido Hildner, The Activation of the International Criminal Court’s Jurisdiction over the Crime of Aggression: The Edifice is Completed
    • Helmut Philipp Aust & Mehrdad Payandeh, German Practice With Regard to the Use of Force in Syria
    • Sara Jötten & Felix Machts, Ban on Strike Action for Civil Servants is Constitutional: The Judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court of 12 June 2018
    • Liv Christiansen, Turkish Politicians’ Political Campaigns in Germany – The Legality of Public Appearances Under German Law
    • Henning Büttner, Much Ado About Nothing vs. the Opening of Pandora’s Box? – Some (Normative) Aspects of the Migration Compact Regarding its Impact on Germany
    • Maximilian Jacob & Clemens J. Dorsel, The Case of the Lifeline – A German Perspective on the Dilemma of Private Sea Rescuing in the Mediterranean