Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New Issue: International Journal of Human Rights

The latest issue of the International Journal of Human Rights (Vol. 23, no. 4, 2019) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Section: Police Reform and Human Rights in the Western Balkans
    • Gemma Collantes-Celador & Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers, Introduction to special section on ‘police reform and human rights in the Western Balkans’
    • Tobias Flessenkemper, European Union approaches to police and human rights in the Western Balkans
    • Barry J. Ryan, Becoming Montenegrin: biopower, police reform and human rights
    • Filip Ejdus & Mina Božović, Europeanisation and indirect resistance: Serbian police and Pride Parades
    • Arianit Koci & Tonin Gjuraj, The relationship between community policing and human rights in Albania's police reform
  • Regular Articles
    • Luka Glušac, Assessing the relationship between parliament and ombudsman: evidence from Serbia (2007–2016)
    • Maureen Stobb, A shield in battle: the contingent value of human rights treaties to INGOs in autocracies
    • Francesca Romana Ammaturo, The Council of Europe and the creation of LGBT identities through language and discourse: a critical analysis of case law and institutional practices
    • Edward van Daalen & Nicolas Mabillard, Human rights in translation: Bolivia’s law 548, working children’s movements, and the global child labour regime
    • Tracey Skillington, Changing perspectives on natural resource heritage, human rights, and intergenerational justice
    • Darren J. O'Byrne, Marxism and human rights: new thoughts on an old debate
    • Matthew Evans, Contentious politics and contentious scholarship: challenges researching social movements in South Africa
    • Alberto Quintavalla & Klaus Heine, Priorities and human rights