Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Special Issue: Food, Alcohol, NCDs and International Economic Law

The latest issue of QUT Law Review (Vol. 18, no. 1, 2018) focuses on "Food, Alcohol, NCDs and International Economic Law." Contents include:
  • Tania Voon, Christine Parker, & Paula O'Brien, Law and Non-Communicable Diseases: International and Domestic Regulation of Food and Alcohol Special Issue - Editorial
  • Christine Parker & Hope Nadine Johnson, Sustainable Healthy Food Choices: The Promise of ‘Holistic’ Dietary Guidelines as a National and International Policy Springboard
  • Tania Voon & Hope Nadine Johnson, Sustainable Healthy Food Choices: Dietary Guidelines and International Economic Law
  • Belinda Reeve, Regulation of Alcohol Advertising in Australia: Does the Abac Scheme Adequately Protect Young People from Marketing of Alcoholic Beverages?
  • Suzanne You Zhou, Managing Fragmentation between International Trade and Investment Law and Global Priorities for Noncommunicable Disease Prevention in Food and Alcohol
  • Paula O'Brien & Andrew D Mitchell, On the Bottle: Health Information, Alcohol Labelling and the WTO Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement
  • Jenny Claire Kaldor, Food Reformulation for NCD-Prevention: Regulatory Options and Potential Barriers
  • Anita Anna George, An Unwelcome Seat at the Table: The Role of Big Food in Public and Private Standard-Setting and its Implications for NCD Regulation