Monday, September 24, 2018

New Issue: Netherlands International Law Review

The latest issue of the Netherlands International Law Review (Vol. 65, no. 2, July 2018) is out. Contents include:
  • Monique Hazelhorst, Mutual Trust Under Pressure: Civil Justice Cooperation in the EU and the Rule of Law
  • Tine Van Hof & Thalia Kruger, Separation from the Abducting Parent and the Best Interests of the Child: A Comparative Analysis of Case Law in Belgium, France and Switzerland
  • Paul David Mora, Universal Civil Jurisdiction and Forum Necessitatis: The Confusion of Public and Private International Law in Naït-Liman v. Switzerland
  • Ottavio Quirico, Climate Change and State Responsibility for Human Rights Violations: Causation and Imputation
  • Nigel D. White, Mary E. Footer, Kerry Senior, Mark van Dorp, Vincent Kiezebrink, Y. Wasi Gede Puraka, & Ayudya Fajri Anzas, Blurring Public and Private Security in Indonesia: Corporate Interests and Human Rights in a Fragile Environment