Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Allen & Monaghan: Fifty Years of the British Indian Ocean Territory: Legal Perspectives

Stephen Allen (Queen Mary, Univ. of London – Law) & Chris Monaghan (Worcester Univ. – Law) have published Fifty Years of the British Indian Ocean Territory: Legal Perspectives (Springer 2018). Contents include:
  • Stephen Allen & Chris Monaghan, Introduction
  • Stuart Lakin, Justifying Bancoult (No 2): Why Justice Hercules Must Sometimes Disappoint Us
  • Adam Tomkins, Environmental Protection v the Right of Abode: A Case Study in the Misuse of Power
  • Richard Gifford, How Public Law has not been able to provide the Chagossians with a Remedy
  • T.T. Arvind, The Subject as a Civic Ghost: Law, Dominion, and Empire in the Chagos Litigation
  • Chris Monaghan, An Imperfect Legacy: The Significance of the Bancoult litigation on the Development of Domestic Constitutional Jurisprudence
  • Colin Murray & Tom Frost, The Chagossians’ Struggle and the Last Bastions of Imperial Constitutionalism
  • Ralph Wilde, Anachronistic as colonial remnants may be...’ Locating the Rights of the Chagos Islanders as a Case Study of the Operation of Human Rights Law in Colonial Territories
  • Thomas D. Grant, The Once and Future King: Sovereignty over Territory and the Annex VII Tribunal’s Award in Mauritius v. United Kingdom
  • Stephen Allen, The Operation of Estoppel in International Law and the Function of the Lancaster House Undertakings in the Chagos Arbitration Award
  • David M. Ong, Implications of the Chagos Marine Protected Area Arbitral Tribunal Award for the Balance between Natural Environmental Protection and Traditional Maritime Freedoms
  • Sue Farran, Learning from Chagos, Lessons for Pitcairn?
  • Amy Schwebel, ‘International Law and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: What Next for the Chagossians?
  • David Snoxell, The Politics of Chagos: Part Played by Parliament and the Courts Towards Resolving the Chagos Tragedy