Saturday, June 10, 2017

Adinolfi, Baetens, Caiado, Lupone, & Micara: International Economic Law: Contemporary Issues

Giovanna Adinolfi (Univ. of Milan - Law), Freya Baetens (Univ. of Oslo - Law), José Caiado, Angela Lupone (Univ. of Milan - Law), & Anna G. Micara (Univ. of Milan - Law) have published International Economic Law: Contemporary Issues (Springer 2017). Contents include:
  • Niall Moran, The First Twenty Cases Under GATT Article XX: Tuna or Shrimp Dear?
  • Domenico Pauciulo, Remarks on the Practice of Regional Development Banks’ (RDBs) Accountability Mechanisms and the Safeguard of Human Rights
  • Amalie Giødesen Thystrup & Güneş Ünüvar, A Waiver for Europe? CETA’s Trade in Services, and Investment Protection Provisions and Their Legal-Political Implications on Regulatory Competence
  • Sunita Tripathy, The Human Right to Health: Reflecting on the Implications of IPRs as Endorsed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
  • Tilahun E. Kassahun, Can (and) Should the WTO Tame Private Standards? Antitrust Mechanism as an Alternative Roadmap: Lessons from the WTO Telecommunications Reference Paper
  • Belisa Esteca Eleoterio & Alebe Linhares Mesquita, The Twenty-First Century Regionalism: Brazil and Mercosur in the New International Scenario
  • Anna G. Micara, Regionalization Within the SPS Agreement: Recent Developments
  • Johannes Norpoth, The Mutually Agreed Solution Between Indonesia and the United States in US – Clove Cigarettes: A Case of Efficient Breach (or Power Politics)?
  • Natasha A.Georgiou, Energy Regulation in International Trade: Legal Challenges in EU–Russia Energy Relations from an Investment Protection Perspective
  • Jean-François Mayoraz, Renewable Energy and WTO Subsidy Rules: The Feed-In Tariff Scheme of Switzerland
  • Anna Marhold, The Nexus Between the WTO and the ECT in Global Energy Governance
  • Francesco Montanaro, “Ain’t No Sunshine”: Photovoltaic Energy Policy in Europe at the Crossroads Between EU Law and Energy Charter Treaty Obligations
  • Elisabetta Cervone, The Final Volcker Rule and Its Impact Across the Atlantic: The Shaping of Extraterritoriality in a World of Dynamic Structural Banking Reforms
  • Olga Gerlich, More Than a Friend? The European Commission’s Amicus Curiae Participation in Investor-State Arbitration
  • Xenia Karametaxas, Sovereign Wealth Funds as Socially Responsible Investors