Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Engle, Miller, & Davis: Anti-Impunity and the Human Rights Agenda

Karen Engle (Univ. of Texas, Austin - Law), Zinaida Miller (Seton Hall Univ. - School Diplomacy and International Relations), & D.M. Davis (Univ. of Cape Town - Law) have published Anti-Impunity and the Human Rights Agenda (Cambridge Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Karen Engle, Zinaida Miller, & D.M. Davis, Introduction
  • Karen Engle, A Genealogy of the Criminal Turn in Human Rights
  • Samuel Moyn, Anti-Impunity as Deflection of Argument
  • Vasuki Nesiah, Doing History with Impunity
  • D.M. Davis, The South African Truth Commission and the AZAPO Case: A Reflection Almost Two Decades Later
  • Zinaida Miller, Anti-Impunity Politics in Post-Genocide Rwanda
  • Fabia Fernandes Carvalho Veçoso, Whose Exceptionalism? Debating the Inter-American View on Amnesty and the Brazilian Case
  • Helena Alviar García & Karen Engle, The Distributive Politics of Impunity and Anti-Impunity: Lessons from Four Decades of Colombian Peace Negotiations
  • Natalie R. Davidson, From Political Repression to Torturer Impunity: The Narrowing of Filártiga v. Peña-Irala
  • Dianne Otto, Impunity in a Different Register: People’s Tribunals and Questions of Judgment, Law, and Responsibility
  • Mahmood Mamdani, Beyond Nuremberg: The Historical Significance of the Post-Apartheid Transition in South Africa