Sunday, December 4, 2016

Clarke, Knottnerus, de Volder: Africa and the ICC: Perceptions of Justice

Kamari M. Clarke (Carleton Univ.), Abel S. Knottnerus (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), & Eefje de Volder (Universiteit van Tilburg) have published Africa and the ICC: Perceptions of Justice (Cambridge Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Kamari M. Clarke, Abel S. Knottnerus & Eefye de Volder, Africa and the ICC: an introduction
  • Shamiso Mbizvo, The ICC in Africa: the fight against impunity
  • Makau W. Mutua, Africans and the ICC: hypocrisy, impunity, and perversion
  • Solomon Ayele Dersso, The ICC's Africa problem: a spotlight on the politics and limits on international criminal justice
  • Kamari M. Clarke, The ICC, affective transference and the rhetorical politics of sentimentality
  • Lee J. M. Seymour, The ICC and Africa: rhetoric, hypocrisy management and legitimacy
  • Paul D. Schmitt, France, Africa and the ICC: the neocolonist critique and the crisis of institutional legitimacy
  • Abel S. Knottnerus, The AU, the ICC and the prosecution of African presidents
  • Sammy Gakero Gachigua, Discursive reconstruction of the ICC-Kenya engagement through Kenyan newspapers' editorial cartoons
  • Thomas P. Wolf, A 'criminal investigation', not a 'political analysis'? Justice contradictions and the electoral consequences of Kenya's ICC cases
  • Patryk I. Labuda, The ICC in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a decade of partnership and antagonism
  • Stephen Smith Cody, Alexa Koenig & Eric Stover, Witness testimony, support, and protection at the ICC
  • Karin Willemse, Dafur tribal courts, reconciliation conferences and 'Judea': local justice mechanisms and the construction of citizenship in Sudan
  • Kristin C. Doughty, Interpretations of justice: the ICTR and Gacaca in Rwanda
  • Abel S. Knottnerus & Eefje de Volder, International criminal justice and the early formation of an African criminal court
  • Sara Kendall & Clare da Silva, Beyond the ICC: state responsibility for the arms trade in Africa
  • Kamari M. Clarke, Abel S. Knottnerus & Eefje de Volder, Epilogue: perceptions of justice