Friday, October 21, 2016

New Issue: International Journal of Transitional Justice

The latest issue of the International Journal of Transitional Justice (Vol. 10, no. 3, November 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Editorial Note
    • Hugo van der Merwe & M. Brinton Lykes, Transitional Justice Processes as Teachable Moments
  • Articles
    • Andrea Durbach, Towards Reparative Transformation: Revisiting the Impact of Violence against Women in a Post-TRC South Africa
    • Michael Broache, Irrelevance, Instigation and Prevention: The Mixed Effects of International Criminal Court Prosecutions on Atrocities in the CNDP/M23 Case
    • Aoife Duffy, Searching for Accountability: British-Controlled Detention in Southeast Iraq, 2003–2008
    • Mijke de Waardt, Naming and Shaming Victims: The Semantics of Victimhood
    • Arnaud Kurze, #WarCrimes #PostConflictJustice #Balkans: Youth, Performance Activism and the Politics of Memory
    • Eliza Garnsey, Rewinding and Unwinding: Art and Justice in Times of Political Transition
    • Louise Mallinder & Catherine O’Rourke, Databases of Transitional Justice Mechanisms and Contexts: Comparing Research Purposes and Design
  • Notes from the Field
    • Stef Vandeginste, Museveni, Burundi and the Perversity of Immunité Provisoire
    • Yasmine Ahmed, Sara Duddy, Claire Hackett, Patricia Lundy, Mary McCallan, Gemma McKeown, Andrée Murphy, Catherine O'Rourke, Emma Patterson-Bennet, Leah Wing, & Philipp Schulz, Developing Gender Principles for Dealing with the Legacy of the Past
  • Review Essay
    • Sarah Williams, Hybrid Tribunals: A Time for Reflection