Monday, August 15, 2016

Rajkovic, Aalberts, & Gammeltoft-Hansen: The Power of Legality: Practices of International Law and their Politics

Nikolas M. Rajkovic (Universiteit van Tilburg - Law), Tanja Aalberts (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Law), & Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (Lunds Universitet - Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law) have published The Power of Legality: Practices of International Law and their Politics (Cambridge Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Martti Koskenniemi, Foreword
  • Nikolas M. Rajkovic, Tanja E. Aalberts & Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen, Introduction: legality, interdisciplinarity, and the study of practices
  • Friedrich Kratochwil, Re-thinking inter-disciplinarity by re-reading Hume
  • Anna Leander & Wouter Werner, Tainted love: the struggle over legality in international relations and international law
  • Filipe dos Reis & Oliver Kessler, The power of legality, legitimacy and the (im)possibility of interdisciplinary research
  • Ciaran Burke, Moving while standing still: law, politics and hard cases
  • Vidya Kumar, International law, Kelsen and the aberrant revolution: excavating the politics and practices of revolutionary legality in Rhodesia and beyond
  • Vassilis P. Tzevelekos, Juris Dicere: custom as a matrix, custom as a norm, the role of judges and (their) ideology in custom making
  • Bas Schotel, Multiple legalities and international criminal tribunals: juridical versus political legality
  • Cathleen H. Powell & Jonathan Strug, Palestine's quest for statehood and the practice of the United Nations
  • Michael L. Buenger, Regulatory legality: extraterritorial rule across domestic and international arenas
  • Surabhi Ranganathan, Legality and lawfare in regime implementation
  • Maj Grasten, Whose legality? Rule of law missions and the case of Kosovo
  • Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Perspectives on the perils, promise, politics - and practice - of interdisciplinarity