Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Issue: Arbitration International

The latest issue of Arbitration International (Vol. 32, no. 1, March 2016) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Stephen M. Schwebel, The outlook for the continued vitality, or lack thereof, of investor–State arbitration
    • Francisco González de Cossío, Enforcement of annulled awards: towards a better analytical approach
    • Berk Demirkol, Interpretation of the dispute settlement clause in Turkish investment treaties with Turkic States
    • Kateryna Bondar, Allocation of costs in investor-State and commercial arbitration: towards a harmonized approach
    • Stephanie Mullen & Elizabeth Whitsitt, Quantum, annulment and the requirement to give reasons: analysis and reform
    • Mitchell Moranis, Between power and procedure: the changing balance of investment treaty protections
  • Case Notes
    • Guido Carducci, Notes on the EUCJ’s ruling in Gazprom: West Tankers is unaffected and anti-suit injunctions issued by arbitral tribunals are not governed by EU Regulation 44/2001
    • Jennifer Cabrera, Dante Figueroa, & Herfried Wöss, The administrative contract, non-arbitrability, and the recognition and execution of awards annulled in the country of origin: the case of Commisa v Pemex
    • Tamar Meshel, Bannai v Erez and the jurisdictional race of the Israeli and English courts
    • Friedrich Rosenfeld, Security for costs in ICSID arbitration: RSM Production Corporation v St Lucia
    • Klaus Peter Berger & Thomas Arntz, Good faith as a ‘general organising principle’ of the common law
  • Recent Developments
    • Arthad Kurlekar & Gauri Pillai, To be or not to be: the oscillating support of Indian courts to arbitration awards challenged under the public policy exception
    • Eleni Magklasi, ‘Shaky’ times for arbitration clauses: rethinking business common sense