Thursday, February 18, 2016

Symposium: New Approaches to International Regulatory Cooperation

The latest issue of Law and Contemporary Problems (Vol. 78, no. 4, 2015) focuses on "New Approaches to International Regulatory Cooperation." Contents include:
  • Reeve T. Bull, Neysun A. Mahboubi, Richard B. Stewart, & Jonathan B. Wiener, New Approaches to International Regulatory Cooperation: The Challenge of TTIP, TPP, and Mega-Regional Trade Agreements
  • C. Boyden Gray, Upgrading Existing Regulatory Mechanisms for Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation
  • Reeve T. Bull, Developing a Domestic Framework for International Regulatory Cooperation
  • Robert B. Ahdieh, Coordination and Conflict: The Persistent Relevance of Networks in International Financial Regulation
  • Jonathan Baert Wiener & Alberto Alemanno, The Future of International Regulatory Cooperation: TTIP as a Learning Process Toward a Global Policy Laboratory
  • Robert Howse, Regulatory Cooperation, Regional Trade Agreements, and World Trade Law: Conflict or Complementarity?
  • Anne Meuwese, Constitutional Aspects of Regulatory Coherence in TTIP: An EU Perspective
  • Fernanda G. Nicola, The Politicization of Legal Expertise in the TTIP Negotiation
  • Mariana Mota Prado & Vladimir Bertrand, Regulatory Cooperation in Latin America: The Case of Mercosur
  • Francesca Bignami & Giorgio Resta, Transatlantic Privacy Regulation: Conflict and Cooperation
  • Jeffrey L. Dunoff, Mapping a Hidden World of International Regulatory Cooperation
  • Tessa White, From the Group of Twenty to the Group of Two: The Need for Harmonizing Derivatives Regulation Between the United States and the European Union