Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Delimatsis: The Law, Economics and Politics of International Standardisation

Panagiotis Delimatsis (Tilburg Univ. - Law) has published The Law, Economics and Politics of International Standardisation (Cambridge Univ. Press 2016). Contents include:
  • Panagiotis Delimatsis, Continuity and change in international standardisation
  • Henk de Vries, Standardisation: a developing field of research
  • Hans Lindahl, ISO standards and authoritative collective action: conceptual and normative issues
  • Knut Blind, From standards to quality infrastructure: a review of impact studies and an outlook
  • Alessandra Arcuri, Global food safety standards: the evolving regulatory epistemology at the intersection of the SPS Agreement and the Codex Alimentarius Commission
  • Panagiotis Delimatsis, 'Relevant international standards' and 'recognised standardisation bodies' under the TBT Agreement
  • Juan Marchetti, Technical standard-setting in the financial sector
  • Petros C. Mavroidis, Standardizing trade in services?
  • Walter Mattli & Jack Seddon, The power of the penholder: the missing politics in global regulatory governance analysis
  • Harm Schepel, Between standards and regulation: on the concept of 'de facto mandatory standards' after Tuna II and
  • Jan Wouters, Competition and cooperation in the market of voluntary sustainability standards Axel Marx and
  • Olivier Cadot, Anne-Celia Disdier & Lionel Fontagné, Harmonizing non-tariff measures: always a blessing?
  • Stephanie Bijlmakers & Geert Van Calster, You'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap! A case-study of ISO 26000 on social responsibility
  • Awilo Ochieng Pernet, The development dimension of the Codex Alimentarius standard-setting process
  • Angelos Dimopoulos, Standards of responsible investment and international investment law
  • Pierre Larouche & Geertrui Van Overwalle, Interoperability standards, patents and competition policy
  • Neil Gandal & Pierre Régibeau, Standard-setting organisations (SSOs): current policy issues and empirical evidence
  • Eleni Kosta & Kees Stuurman, Technical standards and the draft General Data Protection Regulation
  • Panagiotis Delimatsis, The law, economics and politics of international standardisation: a future research agenda