Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rovine: Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation: The Fordham Papers 2014

Arthur W. Rovine has published Contemporary Issues in International Arbitration and Mediation: The Fordham Papers 2014 (Brill | Nijhoff 2015). Contents include:
  • Catherine Kessedjian, International Arbitration – More Efficiency for Greater Credibility
  • Peter Michaelson, Neutral Selection: Perspectives from a Neutral
  • Stanimir A. Alexandrov & James Mendenhall, Breach of Treaty Claims and Breach of Contract Claims: Simplification of International Jurisprudence
  • Laurence Shore and Liang-Ying Tan, Investment Treaty Tribunals, Human Rights, and International Law
  • Rocío Digón & Marek Krasula, The ICC’s Role in Administering Investment Arbitration Disputes
  • Bruce A. Green, Attorneys’ Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration
  • Margaret Moses, Inherent Powers of Arbitrators to Deal with Ethical Issues
  • Doak Bishop & Isabel Fernández de la Cuesta, A Defense of the IBA Guidelines on Party Representation
  • Catherine A. Rogers & Idil Tumer, Arbitrator Challenges: Too Many or Not Enough?
  • Lorraine M. Brennan, Preparing the Client in an International Mediation: What to Expect from the Process
  • Anna Joubin-Bret, Investor-State Mediation (ISM): A Comparison of Recent Treaties and Rules
  • Josefa Sicard-Mirabal & Rachael Clarke, The Effect of Culture on International Mediation
  • James M. Rhodes, The Current Status and Future of International Mediation
  • Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Variations in the Uptake of and Resistance to Mediation Outside of the United States
  • Kaj Hobér, WTO and Russia
  • Luiz Olavo Baptista, Arbitration in Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) and the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Giorgio Sacerdoti, Settling International Economic Disputes: the WTO and other Models. Trade and Investments
  • Gonzalo Biggs, The Challenge Posed to the WTO Dispute Settlement System by the Imbalance in Developing and Developed Country Participation
  • John J. Barcelo III, Substantive and Procedural Arbitrability in Ad Hoc Investor-State Arbitration — BG Group v. Argentina
  • Roland Ziadé & Lorenzo Melchionda, Structuring and Restructuring of Investment in Investment Treaty Arbitration
  • Wolfgang Kühn, Defaulting Parties and Default Awards In International Arbitration
  • Alexis Foucard & Léa Grandfond, Arbitration of International Tax Disputes: A Move Towards Democratization?
  • Michael Lennard, International Tax Arbitration and Developing Countries
  • Natalia Quinones Cruz, International Tax Arbitration as an ADR Solution in a Time of Global Tax Demands