Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Issue: ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal

The latest issue of the ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal (Vol. 30, no. 3, Fall 2015) is out. Contents include:
  • Lecture
    • Veijo Heiskanen, Key to Efficiency in International Arbitration
  • Case Comments
    • Charles T. Kotuby, Jr & James A. Egerton-Vernon, Apotex Holdings Inc and Apotex Inc v The Government of the United States of America: The Adoption by International Tribunals of a Substantive/Transactional Approach to Res Judicata—A New Paradigm in International Dispute Resolution?
    • John Fellas & Pavlos Petrovas, Diag Human SE v Czech Republic-Ministry of Health: A Restrictive Application of the ‘Commercial’ Requirement in New York Convention Cases under US Law
    • Michael Hwang & Aloysius Chang, Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic v Sanum Investments Ltd: A Tale of Two Letters 
    • Andrew Newcombe & Jean-Michel Marcoux, Hesham Talaat M. Al-Warraq v Republic of Indonesia: Imposing International Obligations on Foreign Investors
    • Matthew Weiniger & Elizabeth Kantor KT Asia Investment Group BV v Republic of Kazakhstan: Ratione Personae and Ratione Materiae
    • Todd Weiler, St Mary’s VCNA, LLC v The Government of Canada: An Alleged Abuse of Rights is Revealed in Inadvertently Disclosed Documents, and Now Solicitor–Client Privilege has been Claimed: What is a NAFTA Tribunal to Do?
    • Francesco Montanaro, Poštova Banka SA and Istrokapital SE v Hellenic Republic: Sovereign Bonds and the Puzzling Definition of ‘Investment’ in International Investment Law 
  • Articles
    • Belen Olmos Giupponi, ICSID Tribunals and Sovereign Debt Restructuring-Related Litigation: Mapping the Further Implications of the Alemanni Decision
    • Aniruddha Rajput, Problems with the Jurisprudence of the Iran–US Claims Tribunal on Indirect Expropriation
    • W. Michael Reisman, Canute Confronts the Tide: States versus Tribunals and the Evolution of the Minimum Standard in Customary International Law
    • Michelle Bradfield & J.C. Thomas, Non-Pecuniary Remedies: A Missed Opportunity?
    • Tim Wood, Political Risk or Political Right? Reconciling the International Legal Norms of Investment Protection and Political Participation
  • Notes
    • José Alberro, Estimating Damages Using DCF: From Free Cash Flow to the Firm to Free Cash Flow to Equity (and Back)
    • Jean-Christophe Honlet, Recent decisions on third-party funding in investment arbitration
    • Matthew Coleman & Thomas Innes, Provisional Measures During Suspension of ICSID Proceedings
    • Grant Hanessian & Kabir Duggal, The 2015 Indian Model BIT: Is This Change the World Wishes to See?
    • Michael Polkinghorne & Charles B. Rosenberg, The Adverse Inference in ICSID Practice