Monday, September 14, 2015

Giorgetti: Challenges and Recusals of Judges and Arbitrators in International Courts and Tribunals

Chiara Giorgetti (Univ. of Richmond - Law) has published Challenges and Recusals of Judges and Arbitrators in International Courts and Tribunals (Brill | Nijhoff 2015). Contents include:
  • Chiara Giorgetti, Introduction
  • Chiara Giorgetti, The Challenges and Recusals at the International Court of Justice
  • Meg Kinnear & Frauke Nitschke, Disqualification of Arbitrators Under the ICSID Convention and Rules
  • Sarah Grimmer, The Determination of Arbitrators Challenges by the Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration
  • Lee M. Caplan, Arbitrator Challenges at the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal
  • Loretta Malintoppi & Andrea Carlevaris, Challenges of Arbitrators, Lessons from the ICC
  • Gregory J. Spak & Ron Kendler, Selection and Recusal in the WTO Dispute Settlement System
  • Makane Moïse Mbengue, Challenges of Judges in International Criminal Courts and Tribunals
  • Romain Zamour, Issue Conflicts and the Reasonable Expectation of an Open Mind: The Challenge Decision in Devas v. India and its Impact
  • Judith Levine, Late-in-the-Day Arbitrator Challenges and Resignations: Anecdotes and Antidotes
  • Luke A. Sobota, Repeat Arbitrator Appointments in International Investment Disputes
  • Charles N. Brower, Sarah Melikian & Michael P. Daly, Tall and Small Tales of a Challenged Arbitrator
  • Andrew B. Loewenstein, The Approach of Counsel to Challenges in International Disputes
  • Hansel T. Pham & M. Imad Khan, Challenges to Party Representatives and Counsel Before International Courts and Tribunals
  • Lucy Reed, John Choong & Chan Yong Wei, Challenges to Arbitrators in Asia: The Position Before the Singapore and Hong Kong Courts
  • Jonathan Hamilton, Francisco X. Jijon & Ernesto E. Corzo, Arbitrators Challenges in Latin America