Friday, September 19, 2014

New Issue: Global Society

The latest issue of Global Society (Vol. 28, no. 4, 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Globalisation and 21st Century International Borders
    • Lawrence A. Herzog, Globalisation, Place and Twenty-First-Century International Border Regions: An Introduction to the Special Issue
    • Stephen P. Mumme, Trade and Environmental Protection along the United States–Mexico Border
    • Keith Pezzoli, Justine Kozo, Karen Ferran, Wilma Wooten, Gudelia Rangel Gomez & Wael K. Al-Delaimy, One Bioregion/One Health: An Integrative Narrative for Transboundary Planning along the US–Mexico Border
    • Lawrence A. Herzog & Christophe Sohn, The Cross-Border Metropolis in a Global Age: A Conceptual Model and Empirical Evidence from the US–Mexico and European Border Regions
    • Joseph Nevins, Policing the Workplace and Rebuilding the State in “America's Finest City”: US Immigration Control in the San Diego, California–Mexico Borderlands
    • Paul Ashby, Solving the Border Paradox? Border Security, Economic Integration and the Mérida Initiative