Monday, November 18, 2013

New Issue: Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy

The latest issue of the Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy (Vol. 16, no. 4, 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Special Issue: Tracking and Protecting Marine Species at Risk: Scientific Advances, Sea of Governance Challenges, Part 2
    • David L. VanderZwaag, Richard Apostle & Steven J. Cooke, Tracking and Protecting Marine Species at Risk: Introduction to Special Issue, Part 2
    • John Duff, Hannah Dean, Tsafrir Gazit, Christopher T. Taggart & Jennifer H. Cavanagh, On the Right Way to Right Whale Protections in the Gulf of Maine—Case Study
    • Tsafrir Gazit, Damian Lidgard & Katie Sykes, Changing Environments: Tracking the Scientific, Socio-political, Legal, and Ethical Currents of the Grey Seal-Cod Debate in Atlantic Canada
    • Brendal Davis, David L. VanderZwaag, Aurelie Cosandey-Godin, Nigel E. Hussey, Steven T. Kessel & Boris Worm, The Conservation of the Greenland Shark (Somniosus microcephalus): Setting Scientific, Law, and Policy Coordinates for Avoiding a Species at Risk
    • Nathan Young, Isabelle Gingras, Vivian M. Nguyen, Steven J. Cooke & Scott G. Hinch, Mobilizing New Science into Management Practice: The Challenge of Biotelemetry for Fisheries Management, a Case Study of Canada's Fraser River
    • Steven J. Cooke, Vivian M. Nguyen, Karen J. Murchie, Jason D. Thiem, Michael R. Donaldson, Scott G. Hinch, Richard S. Brown & Aaron Fisk, To Tag or not to Tag: Animal Welfare, Conservation, and Stakeholder Considerations in Fish Tracking Studies That Use Electronic Tags
  • Regular Article
    • Cassandra L. Brunette, John Byrne & Christopher K. Williams, Resolving Conflicts between Renewable Energy and Wildlife by Promoting a Paradigm Shift from Commodity to Commons-Based Policy