Friday, October 18, 2013

Hasanat: Soft-Law Cooperation in International Law: The Arctic Council's Efforts to Address Climate Change

Waliul Hasanat (Univ. of Lapland - Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law) has posted Soft-Law Cooperation in International Law: The Arctic Council's Efforts to Address Climate Change (Lapland Univ. Press 2012). Here's the abstract:
The thesis is an article based dissertation which includes four articles by the author and published in peer reviewed international journals, in addition to two individual thesis chapters – introduction and conclusion. Following the introductory part Chapter Two explores the conception of soft-law cooperation from the viewpoint of international law, including the address of relevant issues connected to soft law. Chapter Three explains the evolvement of Arctic-wide cooperation and its functioning system and examines Arctic cooperation from the viewpoint of addressing the issue of climate change in the Arctic region. Chapter Four analyses cooperation in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region in an international law context. Chapter Five looks to resolve some lines of legal inquiry regarding the Northern Forum. Chapter Six prepares some recommendations to suggest soft-law cooperation as a better functioning mechanism (in particular in relation to the Arctic Council) to fully address the challenges resulting from climate change in the Arctic. The chapter includes how selected soft-law bodies manage their individuality in participating in regional development and their connections to each other. It also explains the raison d’être of a number of soft-law forms of cooperation in the Arctic. Cumulatively, this chapter critically synthesizes all of the above mentioned published articles and examines any significant updates since the preparation of those articles, along with any relevant additional findings that were not conceived or remained inaccessible to the author during those times and which could constitute the outcome of the study.