Friday, February 1, 2013

New Issue: International & Comparative Law Quarterly

The latest issue of the International & Comparative Law Quarterly (Vol. 62, no. 1, January 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Articles
    • Mindy Chen-Wishart, Legal Transplant and Undue Influence: Lost in Translation or a Working Misunderstanding?
    • Margot E. Salomon, From NIEO to Now and the Unfinishable Story of Economic Justice
    • Janina Boughey, Administrative Law: The Next Frontier for Comparative Law
    • Dimitry Kochenov, The Essence of EU Citizenship Emerging from the Last Ten Years of Academic Debate: Beyond the Cherry Blossoms and the Moon?
    • Qisheng He, Reconstruction of Lex Personalis in China
  • Shorter Articles
    • Geir Ulfstein & Hege Føsund Christiansen, The Legality of the NATO Bombing in Libya
    • Uglješa Grušić, Should the Connecting Factor of the 'Engaging Place of Business' Be Abolished in European Private International Law?