Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goodman, Jinks, & Woods: Understanding Social Action, Promoting Human Rights

Ryan Goodman (New York Univ. - Law), Derek Jinks (Univ. of Texas - Law), & Andrew K. Woods (Harvard Univ. - Law) have published Understanding Social Action, Promoting Human Rights (Oxford Univ. Press 2013). Contents include:
  • Ryan Goodman, Derek Jinks, & Andrew K. Woods, Introduction: Social Science and Human Rights
  • Deborah A. Prentice, The Psychology of Social Norms and the Promotion of Human Rights
  • Robert C. Hornik, Why Can't We Sell Human Rights Like We Sell Soap?
  • Margaret Levi, Tom Tyler, & Audrey Sacks, The Reasons for Compliance with Law
  • Paul Slovic & David Zionts, Can International Law Stop Genocide When Our Moral Intuitions Fail Us?
  • Herbert Gintis, Human Rights: An Evolutionary and Behavioral Perspective
  • John Mikhail, Moral Grammar and Human Rights: Some Reflections on Cognitive Science and Enlightenment Rationalism
  • Jonathan Baron, Parochialism as a Result of Cognitive Biases
  • David Lazer, Networks and Politics: The Case of Human Rights
  • Byron Bland, Brenna Powell & Lee Ross, Barriers to Dispute Resolution: Reflections on Peacemaking and Relationships between Adversaries
  • William F. Schulz, The Difference It Makes